Online marketing tools
for entrepreneurs

See how the GetResponse online marketing bundle for entrepreneurs makes it easy to
market your new business. Find your audience, build relationships, and sell with success.


Use this online marketing bundle to:

Build your list

Engage and nurture new signups

Earn and grow

The thing that keeps us happy sending out our emails is how easy everything is. I like my emails to look like they came from a designer.

Moreover, every time we send out an email, we hear from between 20 and 50 of our current, previous, and potential clients. Many of those emails turn into appointments and new projects.

Joanne and Dona Riley, Interior Edge Owners
Joanne and Dona Riley,
                            Interior Edge Owners

Promote your project to the right audience

Your entrepreneurial journey starts here. And it’s all about finding the right people to promote your business to.
See how easy it is to set up your campaigns – and what to use every step of the way.

Visualize your brand and offer

Create a landing page to showcase your business – and stand out from the crowd. Direct traffic to the page and use valuable lead magnets to spark action.

Drive traffic to your page

To bring people over, use built-in Facebook ads to advertise your offer. Or try remarketing ads to win people back if they leave without taking action.

Collect actionable data

Tailor your landing page forms to suit you. Get new sign-ups, offer a lead magnet and even collect feedback. Use those insights to guide your online marketing. You can use prebuilt lead magnet funnels for even faster results. Choose ready-made scenarios and see how your funnel generates itself in minutes, capturing new leads automatically.

Let your audience know who you are

Use best-in-class email marketing to introduce yourself and your business. And share a special offer to keep them hooked.

Integrations to complement your list growth

Curate your backend of essential digital tools to kick off your marketing campaigns. Connect your key CRM integrations so you’re ready when the traffic starts flowing.

zendesk eventbrite zoho crm Google Contacts

Insights and resources to get you started

Lead Generation 101
Lead Generation 101

Learn what lead generation is in a nutshell. Build a database of contacts and then guide those leads through the buying process until they’re ready to buy.

Get Your First 50 Subscribers
Get Your First 50 Subscribers

Want to build a high-quality email list? Start with the foundations and learn how to create an email list the right way.


Nurture relationships and score high engagement

To make money, you need more than a steady stream of new leads. You also need to build strong relationships. Here’s how to do it with our online marketing tools.

Put data into action

Use advanced search and segmentation to sort leads by their interests and habits to get your message to the right people.

Nurture interest in your brand

Promote your venture, share special offers, and invite them to your webinar. Set up an autoresponder series to keep them engaged.

Let automation do the hard work

Make it even more personal with marketing automation . Just choose a ready-made template to reach your goal. Learn leads’ habits and let automation do the hard work for you.

Let automation do the hard work

Use ready-made templates

Want to save time and resources? Or are you just starting out? Newsletter templates, SEO-optimized landing pages, and marketing automation templates are here to help.

Integrations to maximize and trackengagement

Connect GetResponse with popular online marketing platforms and manage
all your marketing from one place.

WordPress Google Analytics facebook

Capturing leads, developing relationships

Turn your venture into a booming business

You’ve launched your business, shared it with your audience, and are using online marketing tools to keep them engaged. Now it’s time to make money!

Monetize your new business

Connect your online store to GetResponse, or create your own. Start selling physical products, online courses and trainings, ebooks and downloads, services, or even webinars and consultations.

Automate your sales process

Use ready-made, automated sales funnels to build your landing pages, automate your emails, sell your products, recover abandoned orders, and convert your customers.

Keep engagement scores high

Keep in touch with customers after they buy. Use ecommerce data to segment them and send an email blast with special deals for your most loyal customers.

Sell more without extra effort

Automatically recommend products your customers will like. Or trigger abandoned cart emails to bring people back to buy. Set it up once and enjoy ongoing sales.

Integrations to help you sell more

Connect your online store to GetResponse and quickly populate your product inventory in your GetResponse account. All your online marketing tools in one place.

PrestaShop shopify PayPal stripe

Insights and resources to get you selling

Eliminating Friction in the Funnel
Eliminating Friction in the Funnel

Learn the shared challenges among marketers and ways to improve your marketing funnels – helping you generate more sales and build stronger relationships with your audience.

Complete Guide to Marketing Automation for Ecommerce
Complete Guide to Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

Get this guide to learn how marketing automation can help you achieve your business objectives. Build your list, capture leads, and segment your contacts with the help of our automation tools.


Promoting your business, attracting new leads, and converting them into customers, it sounds hard but it doesn’t have to be! To launch your idea and connect with prospects, you need reliable online marketing tools that take care of business — so you can focus on what matters most.

With our online marketing bundle for entrepreneurs , you're all set to achieve your goals and get an edge on the competition — whatever your level of experience.