Digital marketing tools
for online marketers

Customizable online marketing tools that let you work – and earn – from anywhere, with the flexibility to generate and convert leads from the comfort of your own home.


Use this digital marketing bundle to:

Drive traffic that converts

Engage and nurture leads

Sell and track results

Drive traffic that converts strangers into loyal customers

Attracting new prospects and converting your website traffic into leads doesn’t have to be complicated.
With GetResponse’s simplified tools for online marketers you’re set to kickstart highly engaging campaigns in minutes .

Get in front of your target audience

Start with relevant traffic. Set up Facebook ads to attract prospects or create remarketing campaigns to nurture your existing contacts.

Convert cold traffic into warm leads

Now turn your new traffic into leads with landing pages optimized for conversion. Showcase your offer and encourage signups with compelling lead magnets .

Convert cold traffic into warm leads

Keep growing your email list

Use signup forms on your landing page , blog or website for continuous list growth. Use the data new signups provide to segment and personalize your follow-up communication.

Showcase your offer

Invite your prospects to a live or on-demand webinar . Use this opportunity to put a face to your product or service and nurture their interest in your brand.

Showcase your offer

Integrations to complement your list growth

Curate your backend of essential digital tools to kick off your marketing campaigns.
Connect your key CRM integrations so you’re ready when the traffic starts flowing.

zendesk eventbrite zoho crm Google Contacts

Insights and resources to get you started

Lead Generation 101
Lead Generation 101

Learn what lead generation is in a nutshell. Build a database of contacts then guide those leads through the buying process until they’re ready to buy.

Get Your First 50 Subscribers
Get Your First 50 Subscribers

Want to build a high-quality email list? Start with the foundations and learn how to create an email list the right way.


Build lasting relationships with digital marketing tools that work for you

Once you’ve built interest in your brand and turned your contacts into leads , it’s time to start working on conversions.
Showcase your offer in a way that resonates with each and every one of them. Here are strategies you can use:

Reconnect with your website visitors

Run remarketing campaigns that encourage page abandoners to return and take action.

Use ready-made templates that match your goals

Save time and money with predesigned templates for your emails, landing pages, forms, and marketing automation workflows.

Use ready-made templates that match your goals

Keep them engaged with time-based emails

Deliver powerful email marketing campaigns with autoresponders . Create your nurturing series in a matter of minutes.

Send more relevant emails to your audience

Bring your optimal customer journey to life with a visual marketing automation creator that grows with your needs.

Send more relevant emails to your audience

Integrations to maximize and track engagement

Integrate GetResponse with key content management and web analytics
tools to analyze your campaign results and reach a wider audience.

Google Analytics Google Tag Manager WordPress instagram facebook

See how these online marketers have done it

Turn subscribers into customers and get paid for what you do

You’ve succeeded in turning cold traffic into a valuable source of leads that trust your brand and what you have to offer. Now turn it into an ongoing stream of sales with the GetResponse digital marketing bundle
– it’s easy to start selling online.

Start selling your know-how

Run live and on-demand webinars to share your expertise with your audience. Paid webinars help you start making money from educating others.

Sell your products and services

Connect your online store with GetResponse or build one from scratch. Promote your products or services directly in your landing pages and emails.

Sell your products and services

Become an affiliate and earn monthly commissions

Join our affiliate program and earn extra income by recommending a solid product used by thousands of marketers around the world.


$ 100 for every sale referred


33 % recurring monthly commission

Make decisions based on solid data

Use your ecommerce data to segment customers and send targeted messages when it matters most. Use tags, custom filters, and segments to deliver more relevant offers and make more sales.

Integrations to help you sell more

Process payments and populate sales offers directly on your marketing assets by connecting GetResponse with top ecommerce and sales processing platforms.

PrestaShop shopify PayPal stripe

Bringing your online marketing ideas to life requires specific skills plus reliable and practical tools. Are you looking for ways to sell your online course , or perhaps get started with lead generation campaigns?

With our digital marketing bundle you’re set to achieve your goals .
Regardless of your experience level.